Saturday, August 26, 2006

Mad City Marathon'06 recap

Well this has been a fun, but trying year. I managed to hit my goal of finishing the Racine Half Ironman this year and the Mad City Marathon. This was a long road with injuries and what not.

The first goal was the marathon. I had a lot of ITB trouble previous and I started routine cortisone shots in the knee just to do it. Last year I did this it topped out at 70F at the finish. The day of the race this year it was HOT!!! The start of the race was a steamy 75F. Who could have planned for that one? Well off and running and everything felt good but I could tell it was going to be even hotter. The picture of me tearing it up with the capitol in the background was 2 miles from the finish. At this point it was just under 90F. The previous 6 or 7 miles were spent trying to keep cool. Running at 200lbs is not the easiest and doing it at 90+F is worse. I was constantly dumping water over the head and down the back. God that felt good!! I ended up finishing the same time as last year. While this is not exactly what I wanted(my goal time was 29 minutes faster) considering the temperature difference from last to this year to me it was a success. This is the first time in the history of the Mad City Marathon they closed the course due to the heat for all the marathon finishers after five and a half hours.

Recovery time for this race was one day. I was off swimming the next day and running again tuesday in preparation for Racine. Just a few more weeks to go and the A race for the year is on!


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