Sunday, August 27, 2006

First day using the PowerTap

Went out for a loop around the Lake on my regular 12 mile route. 38 minutes of sunday morning quiet time on the bike. I have taken this course many times so I tried to ride it like I normally do. Having the power tap on the bike has shown me a few things. I am capable of a lot of power but that comes with a cost. Regulating the power output is going to be a priority over the winter. The front of the bike does look a bit odd now. I have the aero bottle first, then a Shimano Flightdeck computer for cadence and then the Power Tap head unit. I hit 956 watts going up this hill but the recovery was a few minutes to let the HR come down.

I got back home and tried to install the software to get the info off of the Power Tap head unit. Man that was cumbersome! Working in the IT field I know my way around computers but this was confusing at first. There was no auto run.exe on the disk which I thought was odd. I tried to install the software on my Gateway MX3215 laptop which is only a few months old. I got the inital program in and tried to update the software for the Power Tap. This didn't go so well. The site is no longer the same address so I had to go to the website manualy. From there I downloaded the drivers for the USB connection. Now the normal user, would they know to do that? Having the automatic updates is invaluable for the non computer person. The less user interaction the more successful the product will be. I ended up getting the thing configured and all my info off of the head unit. the interface is quite nice. Upon launching there is a popup of Floyd Landis, kinda funny now all things considering :)I will try to post a screen capture of the ride.


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