Sunday, January 06, 2008

Indoor riding now begins

On Wednesday night i went to an indoor cycling "class" put on by a few of the Trek employees. I got there and there were 25 Cycleops Fluid trainers in a cold room. I didn't have enough layers on for this so I started to get a bit worried. Slowly people filled in and 24 trainers were taken. The trainer explained that this was going to be an interval session and we can make it as hard as we want. Having never done this before, I figured that it couldn't be that hard. We lets just say the HR was spiked on the 5 minute intervals. % minutes at 110 rpm is enough to really get the sweat faucet turned on!

The cold of the room quickly disappeared and I was dripping with sweat. We even opened a few windows to let the 8 F air temp cool us off. Wow did those intervals rip[ apart the legs! I slept good that night to the point I didn't want to wake up that next morning thats for sure.

I will continue the RPM sessions for the next 2 weeks to get the cycling legs back under me and see what happens after that!


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