Saturday, September 02, 2006

Redemption on the bike and comments on Powertap.

Thursday and saturday I took the bike out for a 20 mile TT. Thursday afternoon went pretty good. I did it in 1:13 hitting a peak of 976 watts with average watts at 157, avergae HR at 139 total work of 651 kj.

Saturday in comparison was a bit better. Same 20 mile TT but 7am. No calories, starting with nothing. A bit col outside so I tokk the jacket along just for the beginning, I would say it was something around 55F. I did the same loop in 1:08 hitting a peak of 1070 watts. I accomplished hitting over 1000 watts before I stop using the Powertap untill possibly next year. Average were up a bit too, they were 166 with an average hr of 142 up a bit from thursday. Total work was 653 kj.

Impessions of the Powertap so far. It is an invaluable tool. The kind of info is just crazy. I can really now analyze the graphs and determine what needs to change in my riding style. While the Powertap is pricey, it might find it's way onto my bike on a more long-term situation. I will have to figure that one out one of these days over the winter. Overall I woul dsay if you have the ability to use or purchase one of these it is well worth it.


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