Friday, October 06, 2006

Evening run anyone? Count me .....out :(

Well no run happened tonight. This shot was at 6:15pm wisconsin time. The evening sunlight is all but gone. No more after dinner runs in perfect conditions. That really is the moon rising above the horizon. Weather is changing to definately COLD! I am so a fair weather person. Give me 75F+ and above and that is perfect training weather. With this "change of season", change of workouts will also change. I am now going to the track at the local H.S. at 5:30am (which strangely looks the same as the evening shot) to get some last of the season speedwork for the last competitive 5K of the year. I already know the distance is nothing, now I need to get faster. There might be another half marathon in November (Tyranena Brewery's Half Barrel run)but more than likely the 10K option will win.

For the next few weeks swimming will be a focus. I want to hit some LSD in the pool. I am almost at the goal of 100K for the year. I skipped this past wednesday mornings swim due to a lighning storm that night. The goal will have to wait another week. Sunday looks like it might be the day since the Pack is no longer a focus.


Blogger jwm said...

suck it up buttercup! Dude, it's wisconsin.. If you don't run when it's 50, you will not run for 6 months..

6:21 PM  

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