Sunday, October 01, 2006

October 2, 2006 + future plans

October 2, 2006.....entry one
It is starting today. I was aiming to hop on the "dreadmill" for a bit. Well 5:30am came and went and I didn't get up. Workout missed :(
On a good note, I left work a few hours early to enjoy the 82F on an October afternoon. Wife asked if I was going for a run and she would join me. Why not???
Ran a 5k 30.01 after not having ran since the last reported self proclaimed worst run of my life. Felt great and she came in a few minutes after me. We then proceded to sign up for the "Run for the Rivers 5k" in Verona in 2 weeks (oct 14). I will be doing some well needed speedwork like 400's between now and then. Goal time sub 24. Long shot but hey something to aim for.


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