Monday, September 25, 2006

The project has begun

I finally decided on the winter project. Here it is!!

I got a Takara road bike from some farm on the side of the road marked "free". Well that is all I needed to start me on finalizing this project! It had a bike license from Sun Prairie that expired in May 1978. I think the bike is somewhere between a 1973 and 1975 model. I got the bike stripped down, all components are off. I am trying to keep this on the way cheap! Way cheap!! So far I have nothing invested into it. I need to get a few parts to finish it. I am looking to finish the entire project for under $60 bucks! I need in the line of parts: Chain, sprocket, bar tape, tires and inner tubes. A few things on a wish list: bullhorns, new rims, new paint job and new cranks.


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