Saturday, September 09, 2006

Powertap Seminar "Training with Power"

Well I didn't win the Powertap but I came close :) They also gave a way a sweet fluid trainer won by the girl right behind me. I got to speak with the head engineer and Chief Tech for the Powertap from Cyclops Allen Lim. Man this guy is smart. His insite on the product and the information that can be derived from it was amazing. He was able to give all this technical in a way people without a phd could understand. The biggest thing I came away with was something that my wife has told me before. More miles and oh yea drop 10 pounds :) The increase of power will out weigh any muscle loss that occurs with the weight loss. So new target weight of 185 for the lean raqcing weight here I come!

Also at this seminar sponsored by wasPro triathlete Heather Haviland and Jamie Cleveland they gave a lot of insite on how power cycling can transfer to triathlon training. Heck, one might have to be my coach soon :)

Also in attendance was the rep from BMC. He was there to showcase the BMC TT02 tri bike. The picture on the raceathlete site does not do it justice. That bike is a sweet ride and they are giving 8 of them away! Oh wait I do not qualify :( It is only open to participants in IMMOO '07. I sure they do the same promotion in '08 when I am in!


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