Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I gave it away today and how it started

The PowerTap went back to the Trek factory store today. It was like giving a kid away. A few of my friends who had the Powertap told me that if I try it I will really want it for my own. Boy were they right!

This entire journey started with a call to the Trek Factory Store East to see if they had one to try for a day. They did!!! and I could use for a week or so and just give them feedback on it. They stated to me that nobody realy knows that they let people demo stuff like this for a small fee so spread the word. I plan on trying out one of the new TTX 9 tri bikes in the spring.

This store has been so helpful to me in the past 9 months. One of the first times I went there was before my first race of the year and I was having some bearings in the HED rim and they offered up a new pair of Bontrager Race Lites to use for just the hell of it. How cool is that? They were trustng me with a brand new set of rims after having just walked in the store. Yes, I am a bit biased towards Trek since the factory is practicly in my backyard which has its perks :) I will continue to support my LBS (Trek east) for as long as they are in business which I hope is ....forever!


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