Saturday, September 09, 2006

IM_Wisconsin swim report/product review

It's saturday morning 7am, raining, cold and miserable so what do I do? Go for a swim in Lake Monona and complete one loop of the Ironman Wisconsin swim course. I brought my 1999 Ironman wetsuit but decided not to use it. I did however slip into the new Ironamn Blue Seventy Helix wetsuit. In comparison the the old wetsuit, I was in heaven! I could fully extend my arm and no troubles getting the zipper undone. This wetsuit is my new best friend! I completed one loop of the swim course for a total of 1.2 miles or 2112 yards.

On the way to the Gatorade swim checkin area, I was walking over a concrete slab partialy covered with grass. Well let me tell you this, wet grass is slippery when you are wearing sandals. I managed to not totaly wipe out and make a fool of myself, but there was some damage in the process. I did pull my calf and it continued to bother me till after I got home from the swim.

While I am a painfuly slow swimmer and having not swam in 4 weeks I managed to pull of a 1 hour loop. My breathing wasn't too labored and it was calm. The water was a balmy 72F but there were brief downpours and a light rain the entire time. The wind picked up a few times and caused a few waves but nothing like lake Michigan thats for sure. I stopped a few times to imagine the crowds on the terrace. It was so cool and to do it for real it would really take your breath away. Something like this....


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