Saturday, September 16, 2006

Reflections of IMMOO '06

Wow what can be said of this past race? It was a cold, rainy, frigid and miserable! But it still didn't kill my desire to compete in '08. I have read a lot of the race reports describing the joy of finishing strong despite the conditions, to finishing and gutting it out, to the dreaded DNF. All of these stories are inspiring to me despite the outcomes. I was planning on signing up for '07 the following day but after discussing it with Stacey, we agreed '08 is the year. Till then I will always have the memories of the IMMOO '06 wet cold and miserable race to the high heat of the '03, '04 and '05 races. I can only hope for the best when i do it.

I am fully aware that this is one of the most difficult athletic challenges in the world. To get to the level of being able to finish it despite not being able to win it, to me is something I will never forget. Watching all the people participating this past year just gives me the chills. I know I suck and am not fast but I know deep inside I want to put in the training time and defeat the beast know as IM-Wisconsin. That is something that will never be able to be taken away from me. I did it, yes for myself but in return I will gain the confidence that there is nothing that is impossible to do if the work is done to obtain it.


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