Saturday, September 16, 2006

"Beer Run" anyone?

So I got this email from a friend titled "get off the couch." Wow I wasn't sure how to take this knowing I am in a funk from the season being over for me really after Sthe Spirit of Racine Half IM but decided to open it anyway. It was a link to the the Tyranena Beer Run. I thought to myself I need a goal to shoot for so why not? I will be opting for the "1/2 barrel" route which goes around Rock Lake. I am very familiar with this route since it is around the Lake Mills Traithlon course and the Tour De Fort bicycle route. With my base from the past racing season I figure I can be race ready by November 11, just under 2 months away. The one concern I have is for the ITB trouble I was having before I cut WAY back in running volume since the end of July. The shirt you get for doing this has the really cool logo you see above. I think it rocks!! After the run free beer is available. Seeing that i do not really drink beer it is kinda a waste, but I might just haver to try it.

I started to get back this past week with swimming on Wednesday morning 1000 yards as a re-introduction to the pool and then 3 mornings of running at 5:15am! All 3 runs were cut short due to fog and running on the highway next to my house and not really feeling safe to continue.


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