Friday, October 06, 2006

To each their own

There are many choices in life to make. Some take the easy road, some take the long way and some just do nothing. If you ask my wife, I am a person that takes the most F'ed up way around things. To me it makes sense the way I do things. Every action is a consequence, a series of events that lead to an outcome. This can be good or bad. It is up to the individual to make it what they want with the tools thay are given. I always feel everything I do, I am doing it the best I can.

For example I did the Spirit of Racine '05 as my first half IM. I got myself so worked up wondering if I was able to do the swim in the "big lake" if my bike was properly set up, if I was ready even doubting my training, that I ended up getting sick from nerves on the course and becoming dehydrated. I let nerves take over and defeat me, not to mention I didn't stick to my plan.

Nerves = DNF for me.

Fast forward to Spirit of Racine '06. I knew going into the day I had the goal of just finishing and enjoying the experience. I put no pressure on myself, no expectations, just go out and enjoy what I put the time in to do. I put in the training and I know the distance was not a problem. Mark one up for proper preparation.

Relax = Finish and enjoy what I am doing.

I am going at training a bit different this off season. I am dropping the competitive angle of the training. I am taking the approach to do the distance and get faster at the distance but not beat myself up say if I don't beat last times workout numbers. Enjoy the time in what I am doing and do not obsess about completing in x:xx ammount of time. I will be ditching all the fancy equipment and getting back to basics.


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