Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Work today...

Today I left work for a while to get in a ride. The Trek demo trucks were in full force. I took 3 rides. The first ride was on a Trek Fuel EX 9.5 full carbon. This bike is light! I could throw it all over hte place. the only problem with the light weight was traction. I was slipping all over the place. New tires and higher gearing would fix that. All in all a smooth great ride!

A 4 mile mountain bike ride was harder than the last half IM road ride I did. You sure feel it going up the hills and navigating.

The second ride was a LeMond Tet de Course. All I can say is WOW! The Aeolus wheels sure helped glide me along the ride. In comparison to the Madone, the LeMond won only because of the components. The LeMond had the SRAM Force kit and the Aeolus wheels while the Madone had Bontrager Race Lites with Ultegra. I think I am a SRAM man now. It was effortless in shifting, clean looking with one less cable (no top brake cable coming out of the hood) and light as can be. Now to just get the TTX outfitted with th eSRAM Red kit but that is for another time and place.

Last ride was on a Gary Fisher Superfly. It was a hardtail and not a full suspension but the lightweight carbon really made it feel like I wasn't even hitting the bumps very hard at all.

Now if I had my choice to buy any of these it would have to be the Fuel EX. The technology is so advanced and the ride was great that how could one not? I recomend trying out this bike if you can. It is great cross trainignfor tri. Like I said, a 56 mile TT is easier than some of the single track we were riding today! Ride on!!


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