Saturday, July 28, 2007

Spirit of Racine Half Ironman pre-race

This was supposed to be my race for the year. I got the sweet new TTX flying a disc and all, got good training on it and even ended up having no real knee pain leading up to the race. For the most part I as ready to set some PR's in this Half Iron Man this year.

Let me start with a few pre race items that should have tipped me off of the following weeks events. On Wednesday I did a 2000 yard swim at the local pool without stopping in 32 minutes. As a pool swim goes without stopping I thought it went pretty good. On Thursday night I got a nice leisurely ride of 20 miles on the TTX. All is well! Friday night went to bed at a decent hour but woke up at 4am, not the worst thing but I figured I can get some well deserved sleep then on Saturday night. Let for Racine got checked in at hotel, dropped off bike and got registered at the school. So far so good! We decided to meet my brother and his soon wife to be for dinner. I opted to go with my liquid diet of some soup while the others enjoyed some of the best smelling Tex-Mex food I have ever seen. We ended up leaving after 3 hours of chatting and relaxing. It really took my mind off of things that were going to happen the next day.

The next day....

Had the hotel people give us a wake up call at 5am. I really didn't need it since I was so nervous about the next day that I figured I only got about 2 hours of sleep. Well it was better than nothing!

I rolled into transition with plenty of time to spare meeting up with my fellow trash talking buddy Jeff who is my guage for Ironman next year, check out this blog on his progress to it. He is sporadic in posting because he is traingin so much (at least he better be trainign and not going to Kopps). At that point I really felt relaxed walking down the 1 mile beach to the swim start. It was kinda surreal. Nice cool water, great temperatures and hell, I am doing this for the third time. Never in my life would I have thought that I would be completing my third Half Ironman distance race. That was the phrase of the day "finish my third IM race, no matter what." More of a breakdown and pic to come tomorrow.


Blogger Triteacher said...

Yes, let's hear the rest of that story! Sounds good so far.

Hey, some of us are getting together in Madison for dinner, drinks and lotso tri talk. Sound interesting? If yes, drop me a line. I'll answer all of your Delavan Lake Tri qs too.

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