Friday, June 01, 2007

A night to remember

That is what tomorrows event is titled. Well tonight (thursday) was a preview of that night to come. Over the past 6 onths I have been working on a totaly new revolutionized road frame for the bikers out there. Well tonight was the night it was first unveiled to the public. It was at the ever so beautiful Milwaukee Art Museum.This is what you see as you first enter the massive building. There were roughly 300 of the WORLDS top dealers at this event. Little did they know they were going to be part of history! There was going to be an unveiling of the 2008 New Madone Trek roadbike but they didn't even know was going to happen. This coming weekend is the Trek 100 an annual sponsored ride to raise money for the MACC fund and a lot of people were there for that. Well were they wrong! At 6:55 sharp the presentation started. The president of Trek was speaking and introducing the new road bike. He explained the entire bike, brought out a few people to talk about the project and BAM, Lance Armstrong walks the new bike right out on stage.

He got a standing ovation and sat down to talk about the new ride. He has been riding it for the past 9 months we found out. Guess what? He loved it!!

We all thought the presentation was over and then another suprise. A new mountain bike was unveiled too! This also was one of my projects over the past 6 months. Between the new road bike line and the mountain bike line, it will give people a whole new reason to get out and ride. The Madone pictured was one of my favorites.

I think I have a thing for yellow bikes!

This was the most impressive company function I have ever been to. For the sole reason the employees and the people involved got to participate should have been enough. The venue was phenominal, the food was incredible and the atmosphere was filled with bike geeks from all over the world, to be part of history, priceless.

Here are some closing shots of the Art Museum. The poor resolution photos don't do this justice. I sure wish I had a Canon Rebel to shoot some better shots.


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I've been to that art museum a couple times. Gorgeous building!

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