Wednesday, May 16, 2007

National Bike to Work (day 1)

Well today a tried to participate in the National Bike to Work week. Well I left and it was sunny skies so I figured what the hell? Well I must have pissed somebody off somewhere. I was about halfway and the sky just let loose. What started as a nice, very light tailwind turned on me and was full head on gale force wind. I was cranking up a hill, while getting pummelled by the rain and wind, a bolt of lightning hit and scared me. At that point I decided it was time to put the call in and drop this ride for saftey purposes. I cranked it up for the last few miles in the freezing rain to the drive in bank for shelter (after 5 pm so they were closed) and called my wife. Bless her heart. She loaded up the kids in the trusty SUV and picked me and my bike up.
As I was loading up the bike I remembered the Chrysler commercial where the woman picks up this beaten down motorcycle dude with her kids in the car not saying a word untill he has the bike all packed up in the back, "daddy had to get that bike now...didn't he?" Well I felt like that, admitting defeat getting picked up. I will be back though!


Blogger jwm said...

Goodness, you didn't sweat on that new bike too, did you?

(all in good fun)

I should keep quiet, last time I 1/2 made fun of your flat.. I directly went out and left my pump at home on purpose.. flatted and walked 3 miles. So, that's about how much you can listen to me.


1:19 AM  
Blogger Allez said...

How long of a ride is it to work?

9:41 AM  
Blogger bbieberitz said...

it is about 18 miles one way to work. Enough for a bit of speedwork on the way :)

7:23 PM  

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