Tuesday, April 10, 2007

news and updates....

Well today I got word that the TTX is in the base coat of the Project one paint. By the end of next week the frame and fork will be done. I am missing two parts to complete the build too. The carbon bullhorn and aerobars are still at least a week out.

Training decision. I think I will be skipping the Mad City Marathon this year. It pains to me to make this decision but last year fighting off the injury bug just did me in for my major focus of the Spirit of Racine Half IM. I feel I peaked a bit too early for the HIM in july. The focus will switch to pounding the bike miles instead. After the TTX is done, I will be riding while I am at work and possibly to and from work. I will slowly build in the running miles over the summer to peak at the end of July to hopefully eliminate the triips to the ortho to get the dreaded cortisone shot in the side of the knee.

Ultimate goal here:beat JWM! Even though he is not doing Racine this year, his time beating me last year is still hanging over my head. I have to beat it! JWM let the trash talking beging now :)


Blogger jwm said...

we'll both have to do SoRT '08 to square it away.. Wouldn't be fair to compete against an '06 time with '07 weather (or maybe it would, we don't know).. Anyway, I will have mad-crazy post ironman base in '08... so smack talk away !

I can already tell by the end of this year, 3hrs on the bike will be any old ride. Yikes!


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