Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The dream is dissappearing

The dream of getting my beloved bright ass yellow Trek TTX is fading away. It looks like these bikes have really taken off in the tri world. They are back ordered for quite a while. Dealer will get the priority and even they are still waiting.

Not wanting me to ride a Cerveloin this years races, my advisor is trying to everything in his power to get me on the TTX. We had one alternative :) A shipment of Discovery Team Time Trial bikes from the '06 TDF came in and they had 2 in the large or 58cm size. Well after awaiting word over the weekend I got the answer.

Not gonna happen :(

With the shortage of the TTX OCLV carbon frames, even these used frames are selling at a premium. I can't believe it! I was offered an Equinox 7, but that is basically the same as the Cervelo P2K I am racing now. It might end up being another Equinox 11 aluminum frame untill next year after there are more TTX's available.

Well at least it is good to have a product that is well received and in demand. Wait till you see whats coming out in '08!


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