Sunday, December 31, 2006


I really hate the beginning of the year for a few reasons. First of all everyone has all these lame-ass new years resolutions that fall apart after three to four weeks. These people crowd the gym, run on the wrong side of the road, do not know how to swim in the lane with other people and they are all so gung ho it makes me want to punch them out knowing 99% of them will give it up in a few weeks. I refuse to make new years resolutions for those reasons. Why do everything under the sun and on Jan. 1 you are going to magicly do the opposite of every bad habit of what you did all year long.

The other reason is my training log. I hate seeing all the zero's in the year to date totals. I realize that it is the beginning of the year but just seeing zero's is depressing. It is great at the end of the year to see big numbers but oh well it sets the bar for the following year.

My totals for this year are as follows:

Swim =114262 yards
Bike =618 miles
Run =259.55 miles


Blogger peaknits said...

2007 is already going to be better! Because... now tell the truth - you made a resolution - that you would not go to Sun Prairie! Woo hoo!

10:02 PM  
Blogger jeanne said...

Thanks for the nice comment! Happy New Year. I have no "official" resolutions either. Just to get faster. Shouldn't be hard. Would be hard to get slower!

7:49 AM  

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