Sunday, December 10, 2006

Announcement is now made!

It doesn't mean that much to some of you but to me it is a monumental event in my life. This coming Friday December I will be leaving a ten year relationship. While some might think the worst (the big D) it is so far from that. I am making a switch to a different lifestyle. I am leaving the current industry of Information Technology/Printing and Publishing. I start the first of Jan at a local company that is well established, fitness orientated, and family focused? This is something that my current employment is not a kin to at all. The change will be obvious right away. The current situation for me where I am at is totally stagnant, that is why I had to make this change. If you did not receive a raise for 4 years, get beat down everyday, not allowed to take a lunch, forced to work overtime on Saturdays for straight time, promised profit sharing for years and not get any due to "unexpected expenses like a new BMW or office furniture for the company you might understand. I am going from a 35 million dollar company to a 300-500 million dollar company that is poised to really take off and is in my wheelhouse for product.

Can you guess where I am going? I will post after Friday to disclose the name. I am so excited to start!! It will be like the "Nuclear reactor Utopia" as seen in the Simpsons as my brother Mike let me in on.


Blogger jwm said...

I had my suspicions.. but wasn't sure. I'm gonna go ahead and assume I don't have your email address anymore.

Are you totally hanging up computers?


9:40 PM  

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