Saturday, November 11, 2006

The new rig for the upcoming season

Well this past monday I recieved a new bike via the UPS man. I ended up getting a 2003 Cervelo P2k!! I had both kids and my wife was gone that night so I had to wait to put it together. It was about killing me!! The next day I had jury duty and had to sit in on my first "real" trial. It turned out to be a speeding ticket, no murderers or anything fun like that. I ended up getting sick afterwards and I wasn't able to assemble it that day either.

fast forward to thursday night ----->

Eight thirty at night, kids are in bed, time to assemble! Checking it out first impressions are not to bad, a bit dirty but hey, it's mine :) My first real tri bike. I had to do the routine cleaning (well at least to my specs) and get everyting put on. Upon further inspection a few parts are going to be replaced. The drivetrain will be replaced. I try to replace my chains every year on all my bikes. As a bigger rider outputting a lot of power I tend to stretch them in a season. The rear cassette and the big chainring are a bit worn for my liking too. I am considering going to a 55 tooth DA front chainring linked to a 12x25 or 12x27 cassette for the hills of the Ironman Wisconsin course. All cables will be replaced too .The bike was last used at Ironman Frorida in '05 so I know it can do the distance I just hope i can push it to do the same here :) So..... if you have any of the listed parts you no longer need, send them my way (wink, wink).
The assembled ride was done thursday night just in time for a nice friday ride...............

One big problem (other than the seat being too low) was mother nature!

"Damn her!!"

The previous 2 days were in the middle 60's F and sunny. Well friday came here in Wisconsin and snow showed up too.

"I hate snow!!"

I am a very fair weather rider(I am trying to change that, really I am)
I decided to put the ride on the trainer till the snow is gone and go back to the fixie for the winter outdoor riding (this is where I am trying to not be fair weather rider). For now I can just dream of riding the Cervelo on the dry warm roads. Note I will be more than ready to start logging the big mileage in the spring!


Blogger jwm said...

I'm all for winter riding (see forthcoming blog entry). But not on a tri bike bro. You don't want to go sliding across slush pushing that thing on 55x11 with those mighty legs and hit an ice patch in the aero position... Fixed for winter.

10:09 AM  
Blogger Lisa said...

It was so gorgeous earlier this week. I won't complain about some snow though! I'm eager to get out and ski some this winter!

8:18 PM  
Blogger Flatman said...

oooweee...that's a hottie!

9:42 AM  
Blogger Tri-Dummy said...

Let me know how the seat is. I'm struggling finding a comfortable seat.

4:30 PM  

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