Friday, October 06, 2006

If this tri thing doesn't work out....

Have you ever considered doing anything else if you know you have no chance of "winning it all?" at a race? why do it?? Well this goes back to making choices. I believe that this is the choice I am going to make to make myself happy. I know I will never "win it all" but it is always enjoyable trying to achieve it. If this tri thing doesn't work out maybe the world of competitive eating? Note the pic? This picture was taken at the Burger King in Waterloo Wisconsin which is 1 block from the Trek Bicycle plant. Go figure? Now there is a choice!!


Blogger Jodi said...

I could totally tackle the 2 pound whopper... but not till after my IM! And no way do I race to win it all. If I did that I would live a very discouraged life. I race because I love to do it. Well, I love to train and need a good excuse.


ps. Although I do think I have potential in the women's lightweight pasta eating circuit.

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