Sunday, November 26, 2006

Steady pace vs. Run/Walk part 2

Well I got out today in 57F weather for a run. What a beautiful day here in southern Wisconsin too bad it will be snowing and cold by Thursday. After not running in almost three weeks I figured it was about time. Planned on an easy 2 mile out and back. Well let me tell you after not running for that long it was not gonna happen like I waqs planning. I did the steady pace plan at a slower rate but an eleven minute mile? WTF? Now I know I am a painfully slow runner but come on! I figured a bad day would result in a ten minute mile for the slow pace but this is nuts. I guess I know what I have to do now,

Get out and run more fat boy!!

Increased volume (like actually getting out there) would be a good start. A few weeks of "re-base building" will be order on the table now. I will have to put the theory on hold for now untill I am a little more "back in the game". B- out for now....


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