Saturday, December 23, 2006

LSD and swimming

While some might find the combination of LSD and swimming appealing I do not. LSD swimming is short for long slow distance swim. I try and try to do a LSD swim but it never works out. I left for swimming at 10:30 this morning which for me is about 4 and a half hours later than normal. I took 3 Cliff Blocks beforehand to get a few calories in to sustain till I was done with the planned 2000 yard set. I ended up seeing on of the dads my daughter goes to daycare with who is an accomplished master swimmer and former collegiate stand out in swimming. He gave me a few tips on my stroke and I decided to try it out. Where was this help 2 years ago before the first half IM I did? Just a few simple adjustment for efficiency in the water and wow it makes a total difference!

I was not used to swimming that really anything over 2000 yards at a time. Things were going so smoothly I decided to push it a bit and go longer at a steady pace. I ended up going for 4000 yards in 1:14!!! It's gotta be the Blocks ;)

Lesson learned! Being more efficent in the water will save you time later during the race. Going the same distance using less strokes will not only save your energy, you will pop out of the water less exhausted. I am all about hitting it hard on the bike and the quicker I can get out of the water and the more energy I have for the bike the better off I will be in the standings.


Blogger Triteacher said...

Wow, send me some of those Blocks! ;) On swimming - it's the truth. Efficiency makes such a difference. You really have to think when you swim. Doesn't the breakthrough feel great though?

10:21 PM  

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