Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Running again !!!

Well over the past few weeks since starting the new job, things have really changed. I am now running a few times a week during work hours. Yes, during the day while I am supposed to be working. It is actually encouraged for people to use the workout facility while you are there. Having worked in a "prison camp" before where things were so tied down with restrictions, this new found freedom is hard to accept. There is no formal start time, no formal "punch out time". People are actually treated like adults. There is an overwhelming sense of camaraderie amongst employees helping each other out instead of the self promotion and patting on the back of the "prison camp". I really thought I might want to go back to the "prison camp" if this didn't work out, but it has opened my eyes that there really are places that appreciate people and try to work with them but ......Not a chance!

I will get back to regular posting next week. I will be doing a few more product reviews from some of the new stuff I get to try out from work. Stay tuned....


Blogger Flatman said...

Sweet. I would love to have a job like that!!! [jealous from my prison camp cubicle...]

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Blogger jwm said...


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