Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Perks of the job!

Well this is the new saddle I received this past week for helping the Bontrager guy. He stated that it is a Bontrager Race XXX Lite limited Edition that was used at the Tour De France Commemorative bike. Just your normal run of the mill $260 saddle. Man is it going to look sweet on the Trek Yellow 2200.

Another improvement I will be making on the ride this year is changing the decals on the Hed 3 rims to have matching colors to the bike "ala Norman Stadler's Kuota in Kona". I am really getting anxious to get out an ride. Seeing people at work go out for an hour in the middle of the day for a ride is just driving me nuts! In case you have been living under a rock lately, here in Wisconsin we just had a weekend storm that dumped a total of 18 inches of wet heavy snow. I am definitely not taking the road bike out there in that stuff!

I will be testing out a lot of new stuf in the coming weeks so stay tuned. The first might be some new tires that are coming out from Bontrager. They are for Aero rims and are very impressive!



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