Sunday, January 21, 2007

Footsteps in the snow......

"they only tell us where we have been, not where we are going."

As I went out this morning for a run while it was snowing (and snowing hard I must say) I got to thinking. How peaceful :)

I was out there all by myself with no distractions or really any noise other than my feet hitting the fresh fallen snow packing it down with each step.

How could something so beautiful as fresh snow be so destructive?
So much fun for kids?
mething I just hate!

This was my first run ever did in a "snowstorm." I have always decided against running in these conditions for some reason or another. Wow was I missing out! How am I going to hit the sub 6hr in Racine?

Well it turns out I had a real great run on the outbound part of the trip. I was clipping along snow hitting me in the face and it was actually refreshing! I had never ran in this type of snow before. I ended up getting to my "halfway" point according to my Nike+ running sensor kit and turned around. This is where the thought came in full force. As I gazed up the road and saw my footprints being slowly covered by the falling snow, I related it to all my past runs.

Does it really matter what I did on my last run?
How fast it was?
How far I went?

My footprints were like all the previous races and training runs I did in the past. They get covered up by something or another in time. We seem to always look in the "past" for our future. Looking down the road in front of me all I see is fresh fallen snow with no real path. I look behind me and I see exactly where I was. From here out I want to look forward, forward to the next training run, next race next whatever.

The long term goal is to do Ironman Wisconsin and finish strong. The short term goal is to get out and do that next training run, swim or bike. Don't look back at that terrible swim, just go out and work to make the next one better to reach your goal in the end whatever that may be.


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Huh, neat analogy.

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