Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Nike ipod running sensor thing

I just love mine! I have been using it for a few months now. It really gives a great visual feedback to analyze the runs afterwards. During the run it is great too. At anytime during the run you can press the center button and it will give you time/distance/pace.

I have been noticing that looking back at the results from the last 20 or so runs that my mid day runs I get the most out of. I have been consistently running in the 8:15-8:40 per mile pace for a 5K on the old dreadmill. Now doing the same 5k in the early morning at say 5:30 am my times have been averaging in the low to mid 10:00 per mile pace. I am wearing the same shoes, same sensor and using the same legs. I couldn't believe the difference it makes.

Workload depending I am running 3 days a week (well started last week) at work. It is encouraged so I might as well join in :) If it helps my 5k time who can argue with that?


Blogger Daniel said...

I'm loving my Nike+iPod too! You're absolutely right that being able to analyze results over time is a big benefit. I was surprised to find that my pace is consistently better when I run at night, as opposed to during the day. Who knew?

I'm keeping track of Nike+iPod developments on my iPod blog, Podophile.com.


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