Saturday, March 03, 2007

swim report 3.2.07

Today my goal was to do sets of 500 of varying intensity. I ended up doing 9 sets of 500 yards for a total of 4500 yards in one hour!!

Now before this sounds too much of a chest pounding accomplishment, it isn't. I used flippers for the entire set so i could consentrate on the stroke instead of the kick. I still look at it as 4500 yards or 180 laps. I am not too exhausted either.

Now witgh this new found swim experience and the new and improved run performance in the afternoon, i had an idea. Why not have a sprint tri that starts at say 11am or later. I can be in peak performance state (well at least fully awake and stretched out) unlike those 7am start times. Race directors give it some might have a few more participants?


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