Sunday, April 29, 2007

Don't predict race times!!

Well I all but jinxed myself predicting my race times. I am going to try to never do that again!
I did the Whitewater Earlybird sprint tri this year. I did this in years past and it has never been the same course. So much for comparing race times. In a previous post I predicted my times they were:

swim 500 yards - 9:00
bike 13.5 miles - new bike 45:00 minutes
run 3.1 miles - 25:30 minutes

Well this is what actualy happened:

swim 500 yards 10:28
bike 15 miles 47:14
run 3.5 39:48

15/22 age group

The swim. I was in the only lane with 4 people. I started last. Everything felt good up to the second lap (fourth length). I ended up passing the other 3 people in the lane and then I forgot to breathe the first 4 lengths and kinda blew up. I lapped 2 people by the end and still pulled off a 10:28 swim, roughly 1:28 off the estimate, but nobody wins it in the swim.

The bike I thought went well. It was windy and never a tailwind. I had a 17.9 mile per hour average which i was a bit dissapointed since it was so close to the 18mph average. I did notice that the new bike needs to be adjusted. the time lost could have been made up if I would have stayed in the aero position. I have to move the aerobars apart a bit to relieve the pressure on the shoulder. But hey these are the first miles on this bike with NO fitting. I really think that one can purchase speed and this ride proves it.

Teh run sucked. Extremely hilly and the knee was just on fire. I ended up walking most of it which is simply unacceptabe. The strategy of less running is hurting now but hopefully in a few weeks after I start runnung again it will pay off in July with pain free running.

The things I have learned at this fun race. Sprints are not for me. A half Iron is much easier and more fun. Not to forget to mention a better bang for your buck! I am just not fast and probably never will be. I need to do some speed work in all 3 discplines. I already had the plan of pounding the bike miles and this proves my point. Starting monday at work the road miles will start. Goal to hit 100 miles a week, we will see what happens. I also came away with the same feeling before this race as I do the longer ones. The anticipation just wrenches the guts but when it all goes away. Let the fun begin!


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lesse here, you went in on "no training" right? I don't see a problem. Now, start training ! :)


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