Sunday, June 10, 2007

Bike to work Time Trial

Sunday morning 5:20 am I depart my residence for a sprint to work. The distance is 20 miles only because of a road being chip sealed so I had to take the long way. One hour 4 minutes there 5 minute break to get some water and my new found friend Jelly belly Sport Beans compliments of the Trek 100 last weekend. The return trip was a negative split and I couldn't belive it! I pulled a one hour and one minute return on the same road. So doing so some quick math, a another 16 miles to get the half split now is way ahead of last years 3:10. Now to start running again..........


Blogger jwm said...

good work.. now that 1/2 split.. did you swim for 40 minutes first?


7:36 PM  
Blogger jo-na said...

i'm so impressed with your negative split on your ride to work! i try to ride to work at least once a week and i almost always take 10-20 minutes longer on the return trip. i try to blame it on the wind but i know better... nice work!

1:11 AM  

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