Saturday, September 08, 2007

Have a great race!!

Sunday morning at 7am is the time 2200 friends of the sport will be hiting the swim at IM-MOO. The weather couldn't be any better, the venue is spectacular but those damn Wisconsin state birds. The Mosquitos are out in full force. Watch out for them!

On a lighter note. My buddy JWM is going for his IM medal. We met a few years ago on when we were beginners in the sport. Throughout the years we have had a lot of trash talking at races we have done together. The last being the Spirit of Racine half Ironman which he got the best of me yet again. I say hats of to you Jeff, this one is for you! A bit of Kopps for the finish ;)


Blogger jwm said...

Couldn't have turned out better.. Thanks for showing up!

If I'm not mistaken, that would be grasshopper fudge at the Kopps on Port Washington Road..


4:21 PM  

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