Friday, August 24, 2007

Well she was right....

With the loss of an old friend, results in the addition of 2 new friends and an improvement on the other existing friend.

The first new friend is a '06 Fuel 90 aluminum frame with carbon rear suspension that was given to ME by a friend at work. WE put it together with last years and the years before that parts. It is outfitted with Sram X-0 shifting and Hayes 9 hydraulic brakes. I did have to buy the wheel set. It was a test set from the engineering dept for $40!!!

The second is a Trek Madone from the first year they made the Madone. This bike is outfitted with full Dura Ace components compliments of the sale of the "old friend." I am using the wheels that came off my TTX for this so right there that is money saved. I built this bike from the frame up which I have never done before. I now consider myself a bit of a wrench. I know I can do it and it didn't fall apart after a test ride! I do however need to get a longer brake cable housing, I think I cut it a bit short. Can anybody tell me why this bike is not like a normal Madone?

Lastly here is the TTX outfitted with some new race wheels (demos, don't worry). It is a brand new set of Zipp 999's. The rear is a clincher disc and not a tubular. It is a slight bit heavier but I know I can change this out without a problem and not be stranded. I haven't had a chance to ride them yet as we have basically been planning on building an arc with 14 inches of rain so far this month. It is totally killing me!


Blogger Flatman said...

Your TTX is the sickest bike ever!!!! Nice job getting the mountain bike for $40...if you find another one laying around give me a shout. :)

10:28 AM  
Blogger Spandex King said...

Bike porn at it's best!!!

11:16 AM  

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