Sunday, February 24, 2008

Over the past month

I have had a fairly decent base building go. I have just under 16K of swimming, 43 miles on the bike, and only 8.5 running. The swimming has progressed the best. Every three weeks I have been doing an endurance set. That consisted of multiple sets of 100 yards on 1:30. While 1:30 is incredibly fast, I was using jet propulsion aka flippers. But adding it up I needed the flippers to make the 1:30 pace on lap number fifty. My goal is to make the set of 100x100 on 1:30 with 30 seconds rest between by the beginning of May.

The biking is picking up after a few disastrous snow days. I was going to a cycling class on Wednesdays for a while now but over the past 4 weeks I have only made one. There has been so much snow that I cannot even get there to participate. I just pray for outdoor riding to comer soon!

Running is not a priority for me right now. I did a few runs at a slightly higher pace than a tempo run. It felt good even on all the ice I was running on. the path today was completely covered in ice that was over 6 inches thick! Boy will it be a mess when it all starts to melt! I will continue to do maintenance runs for another couple weeks. The next target run day is the Crazylegs Classic. It is a simple 8K in Madison that over 20000 people participate in. That is the official kick off of run training for me. I will be running at work at that point.


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I just found your website through your wife's (whose I found through another knitting blog). I saw her entry about your triathlon last summer and then when I got to your's, saw that you are training for IMWI. I feel excitement for you, honestly, and I don't even know you! :) You're going to have such a great time! I did WI last year and I did IM Arizona in '05. Living in the Twin Cities and training for Arizona, which is in April, really sucked with the weather. As I read your weather issues, I'm reminded of how much it does suck to do a long bike ride in the winter elements; and the alternative, a trainer, is just as daunting. But the spring is just around the corner! Good luck training and remember to listen to your body. Training season is long for the full and if you push through any fatigue or pain, you're bound to have it catch up with you. Take some rest days here and there. Your body will thank you by getting you all the way to September injury free. Enjoy the journey!!!

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