Tuesday, April 15, 2008

30mph headwinds

Today in Wisco there were 30mph headwinds on the lunch ride today. A 20 mile loop turned out to over an hour and 15 minutes! Going into the wind the watts were going through the roof. At the 10 mile turn around point, I had registered 653 k/J. There were points in the ride going out that we hit a downhill and we were not gaining any speed. It kept the same 12 mph. Talk about demoralizing! The return trip was great. At the turn around it was like somebody just turned off the hurricane fan. We didn't feel any wind at our backs but the speed were were going it sure helped. Imagine siting up in the hoods (road bike) and going close to 30 mph on a flat with no pedaling. That's what happened! The ride ended rather quickly after the turn around. Were were back to work in what seemed like minutes. I finished the ride at 778 k/j so you can see how much the wind helped.

Tomorrow, if the wind is right i will ride that hurricane winds to work. I will get some free commuting miles before the Bike to Work Week.


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