Sunday, April 20, 2008

First test on the course

Today my co-worker Keith and I hit the IM-MOO bike course starting in verona for one loop. I took the road bike with the new test saddle and Bontrager Aeolus front wheel. Figuring this would be a light set up for optimal performance out there I forgot one thing. I am on my road bike and not the TTX. What's the big deal you ask? Well on the TTX I have a 50x34 crank chained to a 11x23 cassette. Perfect combo. I forgot that the road bike was a DA 54x42 chained to the same 11x23 cassette. Wow talk about aggressive. It was doable for training but not for racing. I was going up some of the hills at a whopping 6 mph with no more gears left for climbing. I will do it again with a more reasonable 12x27.

The entire ride was set at a pretty easy pace not going to aggressive. Including a stop in each town for refueling we came into Verona after 42.19 miles in 3hr 3 min. total consumption was one package of Sport Beans, one bottle of Gatorade, 2 bottles of water and one gel. This is the first time ever that I actually had to pee on the bike (I did stop for that). I had my hydration down for that ride with a lot still to learn. Total power was just under 1900 k/j which was a pretty good workout. I averaged a low 160 watts. I have to ask around if that was good or not... Until next time :)


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