Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Commute to work on the TTX aka Earth Day

Today this morning's commute to work was:

16 miles a little over 50 minutes. 487 k/j averaging 169 watts. It looks as I need to up the watts. The next ride I am going to maintain an average 190 watts for the ride. This will force me to ride at a quicker pace and train the body to clear the lactic acid. Wish me luck!

I am happy to have this streak of building on the bike over for a few days. Tomorrow is a run and a day off from the bike. I want to come back fresh for another week of build. The HHH 100 is coming and I have to hit the hills!


Blogger jwm said...

yeah man. As it turns out studies show you don't need to clear lactic acid, but the pain is from calcium your muscles leak. who knew?

keep it up


8:42 PM  

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