Thursday, May 15, 2008

A few updates...

Well the big ride is tomorrow (Friday the 16th of May). I will embark on my first century ride in my life. I have never done one hundred miles on a bike in a row ever. This is a work sponsored activity so I am not supposed to feel guilty, my boss man said so! Our quest begins in Madison and ends in Dubuque Iowa! Hills, hills and more hills is the menu for the day. Myself and a few co-workers will turn around in Darlington after lunch and back to Madison for a total of just over 100 miles.

I have started a little project for wifey dearest. She mentioned to me she wanted to try out a road bike. Well look what i have built out of spare parts so far.

Picture the remainder with a white saddle, carbon post, white grip tape, red cabling and Ultegra components. She should have a pretty sweet carbon fiber Madone for her first road bike. I only hope she like it....


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