Monday, May 26, 2008

Mad City Marathon (half) report

Mad City Marathonwas the activity for the weekend. I have done this 3 time prior to today with results being consistent at 2:22 and some change. First year being not prepared enough and 70F temps the next being over prepared running in 90+F temps when the race was shut down putting up the same times all the way to today for 70F again. Coming into today this is kicking off running season for Ironman Wisconsin roughly on the same course. I was putting no pressure on myself what so ever. I was treating this as a supported early season long run. I was going to experiment with nutrition and Gatorade and water per station no matter what.

Started with the night before, I ate like normal and got good sleep. Woke up close to two and a half hours before race tim and actually ate! I ended up taking the shuttle to the race start and ran into Joanne and her friend. Imagine spotting them in a crowd of a reported 3500 half marathon runners. I ran with them for the first 2 miles since they were planning on running a 10:30 pace. I figured I would run this pace to get warmed up instead of going out too fast like usual and blowing up by mile 3. Well I got into the groove with splits and HR going like this:

3 mi- 30.09 AVG 161hr
6 mi- 30.36 AVG 167hr
9 mi 31.28 AVG 165hr
12mi 30.03 AVG 168hr
final 1.1 mi 11.40 AVG 172hr

Miles 6-9 included a trip to the port a potty after being hydrated enough. My strategy going in was to walk the hills to control the HR from going to high and make up the time in the flats. The race organizers changed the route this year from previous years and added an extremely sharp downhill that just killed the quads. I finished at 2:13:20 instead of the reported 2:08 on my watch. This was good for 1929 out of 2866 overall. I was 13 minutes off of my goal of 2 hours flat but still good considering this was going to be the IM pace/strategy for september.

The day after calfs and quads a bit sore. I noticed 2 small blisters from not wearing the correct shoes but this is easily fixed for next time. BRING THE RIGHT SHOES!!!


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Way to go man!

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