Sunday, July 06, 2008

Horribly Hilly Hundreds report 200k...ish

The long and short of this ride.....HILLS, HILLS and more HILLS!!!

I never knew WIsconsin had this many hills. The ride was planned as one of the toughest 200k rides in the midwest. It sure was! There were a few points in the ride where downhill speeds hit 50mph! On the flip side everyhting that goes down must come up. Those same momentum builders contained a momentum killer. Two climbs I just flat out got off the bike and was walking faster than some people still in the saddle. I looked down on the speedometer and saw a climb going uphill riding clicking 2.5 mph. Walking I was over 3. What does that tell you?

Later in the ride I was starting to bonk. This hit me around 90 miles. At 99.5 I was cooked. Luckily storms passed through and the race officials wouldn't let us continue. We were forced to seek shelter in a nice farmers barn. There were roughly 30 of us held up in the barn. There were hail stones coming down the size of nickels. About 30 minutes of waiting they shut down the ride completely. Sag wagons were coming to pick everybody left out there up and take them back to the park. I was not ok with that! I told the official I was going to ride a quarter mile don the road and back. I was not going to miss my first century ride. I got the mileage in. 100.25 miles!! A first for me. I have never gone more than 80 miles in one trip. While 100.25 was great in those conditions and that terrain, I am a bit disappointed. I really wanted the entire 124 miles in on this ride for confidence going into Moo, but 100 miles out there was sure something!


Blogger Sara Cox Landolt said...

I hope the rest of your training is going well and that IronMoo brings you a great day for racing!


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