Tuesday, September 09, 2008

IM-Wisconsin 2008 RR part 2

T1- 14:07 took my time and changed clothes completely. I figured it was going to be a long day, so make it comfortable. So I put on the lucky 2XU shorts and 2001 IM IW jersey and had a sandwich. Yes, I ate 1 un-crustable. Boy did that hit the spot! The jersey I wore I bought in the first IM-WI 2001 knowing someday I would wear it when i did it. One problem in T1. NO BIKING SOCKS! I figured it wasn't that bad since I do ride without socks quite a bit but never 112 miles. Big mistake that I would find out later.

Bike- This was my leg of the race i was way ready for. I felt really good on the way out HR came down really quick and the power numbers I set were right on target. I was going out at a 160 watt average which for most of the leg out I was up around 20-22mph. First loop gave me a glimpse of what was going to happen but I ignored it. I dropped my chain twice but I put it up to over shifting. I pulled in to Verona and witnessed the TDF like moment. I was absolutely flying somewhere in the 30mph range. Going down the people lined street my speeds were fed off of the crowd. Time to special needs from the Monona Terrace, 3:15. This was over halfway. I was on pace for a solid 6:30 bike split. This is where it went to hell. On hwy 92 drive train locked up. I locked up and discovered my deraileur in the spokes. My chain was completely wedged between the crank and the frame. I got it unjammed but realized I was one spoke short. Wheel was way out of true but I wasn't about to call the crumb wagon to take me back. I figured I was forced out. My worst nightmare. I listened to the constant ticking of the broken spoke. I lost an hour and a half stopping to find tech support to get a new wheel. No luck! I made it to Cross Plains and finally saw a tech support tent. The guy wasn't going to let me continue. He showed me where the frame was broken and told me sorry :( There was no way I was stopping. I told him I have already went 30 miles like it was and I will walk the rest of the way. While we were arguing the assistant discovered the rear pulley wheel. It was sliced in half with most of the teeth missing. this would explain why I had no freewheel available. Got going again and limped the bike back to the Terrace. Total time on the bike was 7:40. I was able to eat and drink on the bike, I felt fresh and the 112 miles that flew by other than the mechanical failure.

T2- since I was behind schedule, I skipped changing clothes. I just switched out shirts and finally put on some socks! The bloody toes thanked me! 10:40 total time. I should have stepped up the pace a bit more but Ironman is what is is. Do not get upset with things you cannot control. Go with the flow and enjoy the day.


Blogger jwm said...

Way to stick it out!


10:13 PM  
Blogger rr said...

I cannot believe you stuck it out through that - as if IM wasn't hard enough! Well done. Where's part 3?

2:16 AM  

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