Sunday, September 14, 2008

The run or a.k.a. death march shuffle - This is where I lacked some training this past year. I was using the run/walk strategy. Worked great for the first 10k. This is where it got tough. Around mile 8 there was a lady who I was leap frogging fro a while and we started to run together. We were both hurting with a long way to go. From here it was about survival to the end. There was more than enough time to finish but we wanted a little better. Before 11pm was a goal. 30 seconds run/walk was the plan. She helped me quite a bit, and I hope I helped her at least half of what she did for me. I met my Mike and Joanne many times during the run and it was great. It helped take the focus off of what pain I was feeling in the feet. Thank you so much! The absolute worst part was turning around 500 feet before the finish to do the second lap. Made it to the special needs and got food and another pair of socks. That was one hell of an improvement. It felt like I was walking on knives the entire second half. Kept up with the run/walk thing as much as possible. Aid stations were awesome. there was so much energy there it made you want to go faster. Cola and pretzels were my friend at every station. Well we finally made it to the last half mile. My friend Becky showed up right there to give a bit of encouragement to the end. She gave me the extra kick to the finish. Without all of her help throughout the past year answering so many of my stupid questions I would have been a complete bundle of nerves.In the distance I could hear Mike Riley announcing newest batch of winners. The two people that I was shuffling with have already finished IM's so they were all in favor and suggested that I run up ahead of them and get the good finish photo all on my own. Well, now it really was my turn. I saw the finish line and just kept speeding up. I didn't feel the pain of my feet anymore. I was going to live out one of my life's dreams. At 11:24pm September 7, 2008 I was officially an IRONMAN.

Pictures to follow this week along with closing thoughts.


Anonymous mike and joanne said...

we're so proud of you and excited to have been a small part of your run! congratulations!

10:18 PM  

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