Sunday, October 28, 2007

I am not dead!

Just lying low. I turn 36 this week (on the 31st) and I really do not feel anywhere close to that. Mornings after a long ride maybe but normaly I would put myself 10 years youger than that. Right now I am focusing on getting a new mower since mine blew up a few weeks ago. It is so damn frustrating!

Other than that I am starting to ramp up the swimming yards. This week I was 250 yards short of 10K! For me that is some pretty good numbers. I want to really start pounding the yards and make a 1 hour, continual swim feel like nothing. The run is a total different story. A 5k is easy but it feels like a long run right now. In a few weeks is a 10K turket trot I will be doing to guage my run fitness and se where I need to go from here. Up is about the only direction I would say!

Sunday, October 07, 2007

It is now official.

This evening I got my confirmation from NA Sports for IM Wisconsin. I am paid and in the game.

To keep track of when it is for those of you who don't know, there is a countdown timer just below my profile. I will be getting more nervous as the days wind down to the day.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Day before the self declared TT

I took the TTX to work today top work out the bugs before the 65mile TT tomorrow morning. The TT is a 65 mile loop from the Tyranenna Brewery up to Trek Bike World headquarters then in the middle of F'n nowhere and back. Well lets just say I should have never left work today. We decided to go against the wind straight south for eight miles lop around the lake (Rock Lake, Lake Mills) and back to Waterloo. I was feeling sluggish from the start but decided I will go and bail out and take the shortcut if it gets worse. My equipment was the TTX, Hed 3 front and then A Renn Disc wheel. This was the piece I was testing for tomorrow. Well it was like 7 miles from Waterloo and I told the riders at the back that I was spent and was just going to coast it in. They turned the corner and that was all she wrote. They were about a quarter mile ahead of me but blinded by a long row of trees and pop, the tubular let out all it's air. I pulled over and was going to change the tire. Oops, it is a tubular, I didn't have a new tire with me, hell I didn't even have a CO2. I forgot the entire flat kit. I started to walk the last 5 miles back to work by myself. I got a lot of thinking done. I will never ride tubulars again, I need to wash the biking shirt and shorts I was wearing today since it is on it's third ride and could stand on it's own, I want ot sell the TTX and lastly I really need to eat before I go out next time. Towards the end of the journey, one of the guys I was riding with git a bit worried as I didn't come back for a while. A 4 mile walk in road shoes is not a fast trip ya know! He picked me up with his car and gave me a ride back to work. Apologizing for leaving me behind since nobody gets left behind in out lunch rides. It sure is nice to see that there are still some caring considerate people out there! On the entire trip back not a single person stopped to See if I needed a ride. People in cars just do not like bikers.....