Saturday, September 30, 2006

It's official!!

I am now in for the Spirit of Racine Half IM July 22. I signed up the last day before the price went up. Happy anniversary to me :) It was the day before my 12 wedding anniversary. That really doesn't sound that good does it?

Friday, September 29, 2006

The winter project update

I ended up getting the aero brake lever today. I went to install it into the newly cut drop bar and guess what? The drop bar was not wide enough or the lever was too wide. A minor setback but I still am on track to have this up and on the road by January winter riding. I went to Budget Bicycle and talked to guys there about this build. I left with my head spinning. This project is supposed to be fun and rewarding but I am finding it to be a money pit. While I only have $5.24 invested in it so far, I feel this only the start of the $$$ flying out of the wallet. I need new handlebars that fit the aero brake lever, the rear wheel addressed and a chain.

The Diesel is done!

SO a few weeks ago I got a Trek Diesel Downlill frame. It had one minor repair that included a welding torch and some aluminum filler. $20 later (thanks Prop Doc) and i have a solid frame to build a really kick ass downhill mountain bike for all the mountains in Madison. Well I decided that the frame will be sold or traded at the Cronometro swap in January. All good things come to an end :(

My IMWI night?

This was my attempt at culture. My wife and I went to the American Players Theater for the play "Measure for Measure." It started out cold and rainy and stayed cold. As you can see in the picture, people are wearing trash bags......just as they were in Madison. Well needless to say, after watching the play I got some good sleep.

You might wonder how this relates to my journey to signup, it was like running a marathon in the cold. I was asking myself, self, why am I here? I should just pack it in and go. Well if I can make it through 3 hours of Shakesphere I sure can finish a marathon despite the pain.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Almost there....

I have 5500 yards left to go before I hit the magic 100,000 yards of swimming this year. It looks like I am a month ahead in comparison to last year. This morning I hit the 2000 yard mark at the normal 32:xx. Now to figure out how to get past this block. I just can't seem to break 32 minutes!!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

So you wanna be part of the team?

All right everyone, after much's the official press release regarding how you apply for sponsorship:

Join Team raceAthlete - Train and Race like Pro in 2007

September 26, 2006

You can train and race like a professional in 2007.

Team raceAthlete in conjunction with CycleOps Power, Zipp Speed Weaponry, BMC Bicycles, D3 Multisport, NUUN and 2XU will showcase the improvements that can be achieved through world class equipment and training by sponsoring age-group triathletes.

The chosen triathletes will get state-of-the-art PowerTap SL's by CycleOps Power to help them train and monitor their progress with ultimate power and

Swiss based BMC Bicycles will provide them with proven bicycle technology-the TTO2 Time Machine which is very similar to the bike ridden at the Tour de France.

Zipp Speed Weaponry will provide world class speed and aerodynamic wheels and components. These are the same wheels ridden by champion Triathletes like Peter Reid.

D3 Multisport will provide comprehensive coaching and training plans for the athletes to help them with expert advice and today's most cutting edge training tools for peak performance.

2XU apparel will provide state of the art training and racing apparel to help propel the athletes to the winner's circle.

NUUN will provide one year's supply of refreshing portable electrolyte hydration.

For complete details, to join the team and to apply to get sponsored click here.

Please note that if you have already joined Team raceAthlete, or emailed your interest in getting sponsored, you still have to submit a new application by clicking on the link above.

Sponsored triathletes will be chosen by Team raceAthlete and notified by email or phone by October 23, 2006.

We're building a real and virtual team of endurance athletes that will have exclusive access to online coaching, a bike mechanic, product discounts and promotions, and other valuable resources.

Jump in with both feet, the water is warm. We want you on our team in 2007. Click: here to join.

Here's the skinny on the sponsorship opportunities.

This is the first "race like a professional" package will go to somebody registered for IM Wisconsin 2007.

However (the cherry on top) is that we are also seeking other athletes (who don't have to be signed up for IM Wisconsin) to partially sponsors with great products and services from our main sponsors. This means that everybody is eligible.

Also, we'll be selecting another athlete to fully sponsor toward the end of the year. If you fill out the sponsorship form and you are not chosen this time, you'll be in the running for the next "race like a professional" package.

Good luck and thanks for joining us on the exciting new journey.

Train hard and race safe!

Monday, September 25, 2006

The project has begun

I finally decided on the winter project. Here it is!!

I got a Takara road bike from some farm on the side of the road marked "free". Well that is all I needed to start me on finalizing this project! It had a bike license from Sun Prairie that expired in May 1978. I think the bike is somewhere between a 1973 and 1975 model. I got the bike stripped down, all components are off. I am trying to keep this on the way cheap! Way cheap!! So far I have nothing invested into it. I need to get a few parts to finish it. I am looking to finish the entire project for under $60 bucks! I need in the line of parts: Chain, sprocket, bar tape, tires and inner tubes. A few things on a wish list: bullhorns, new rims, new paint job and new cranks.

Sunday, September 17, 2006


Well I went out for a mile run around the lake today. Got about a mile in and started to feel real slow. Checked the pace and I was steady at an 8:14 mile. Pulled up a bit and went another mile. Now I am feeling like $hit. It didn't feel like blood running through my legs, it felt more like sludge! I walked the last 2.5 miles home for a total of 1 hour and 7 minutes. This had to be the worst run of my entire life. Throughout the entire run I had the empty stomach feeling along with the heavy legs. Got home and just hung the head low. Cooked up a bit of food and now I feel a little better.
Major realization here. I need to really work on turnover and drop 10 pounds asap. Dropping the 10 pounds really could help me mid november for the half mary. If this performance keeps up I might have to consider the 1/5 barrel run instead of the 1/2 barrel :(

Saturday, September 16, 2006

New running mate

The nike running sensor is the coolest thing I have ever used for running. All you need is an Apple Ipod Nano and the Nike plus sensor. Once you get tjis when you start to run the Nano will give you all the info that you would ever need. If you cannot were Nike shoes for running like me there is a retro fit for other shoes available. It is quite easy and it works just as good. The accuracy of the Nike sensor is remarkable. I had it side by side with my Timex S&D Bodylink GPS watch. They were almost identical in readings. I am sold and for $29 you can't go wrong!

"Beer Run" anyone?

So I got this email from a friend titled "get off the couch." Wow I wasn't sure how to take this knowing I am in a funk from the season being over for me really after Sthe Spirit of Racine Half IM but decided to open it anyway. It was a link to the the Tyranena Beer Run. I thought to myself I need a goal to shoot for so why not? I will be opting for the "1/2 barrel" route which goes around Rock Lake. I am very familiar with this route since it is around the Lake Mills Traithlon course and the Tour De Fort bicycle route. With my base from the past racing season I figure I can be race ready by November 11, just under 2 months away. The one concern I have is for the ITB trouble I was having before I cut WAY back in running volume since the end of July. The shirt you get for doing this has the really cool logo you see above. I think it rocks!! After the run free beer is available. Seeing that i do not really drink beer it is kinda a waste, but I might just haver to try it.

I started to get back this past week with swimming on Wednesday morning 1000 yards as a re-introduction to the pool and then 3 mornings of running at 5:15am! All 3 runs were cut short due to fog and running on the highway next to my house and not really feeling safe to continue.

Reflections of IMMOO '06

Wow what can be said of this past race? It was a cold, rainy, frigid and miserable! But it still didn't kill my desire to compete in '08. I have read a lot of the race reports describing the joy of finishing strong despite the conditions, to finishing and gutting it out, to the dreaded DNF. All of these stories are inspiring to me despite the outcomes. I was planning on signing up for '07 the following day but after discussing it with Stacey, we agreed '08 is the year. Till then I will always have the memories of the IMMOO '06 wet cold and miserable race to the high heat of the '03, '04 and '05 races. I can only hope for the best when i do it.

I am fully aware that this is one of the most difficult athletic challenges in the world. To get to the level of being able to finish it despite not being able to win it, to me is something I will never forget. Watching all the people participating this past year just gives me the chills. I know I suck and am not fast but I know deep inside I want to put in the training time and defeat the beast know as IM-Wisconsin. That is something that will never be able to be taken away from me. I did it, yes for myself but in return I will gain the confidence that there is nothing that is impossible to do if the work is done to obtain it.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

IM_Wisconsin swim report/product review

It's saturday morning 7am, raining, cold and miserable so what do I do? Go for a swim in Lake Monona and complete one loop of the Ironman Wisconsin swim course. I brought my 1999 Ironman wetsuit but decided not to use it. I did however slip into the new Ironamn Blue Seventy Helix wetsuit. In comparison the the old wetsuit, I was in heaven! I could fully extend my arm and no troubles getting the zipper undone. This wetsuit is my new best friend! I completed one loop of the swim course for a total of 1.2 miles or 2112 yards.

On the way to the Gatorade swim checkin area, I was walking over a concrete slab partialy covered with grass. Well let me tell you this, wet grass is slippery when you are wearing sandals. I managed to not totaly wipe out and make a fool of myself, but there was some damage in the process. I did pull my calf and it continued to bother me till after I got home from the swim.

While I am a painfuly slow swimmer and having not swam in 4 weeks I managed to pull of a 1 hour loop. My breathing wasn't too labored and it was calm. The water was a balmy 72F but there were brief downpours and a light rain the entire time. The wind picked up a few times and caused a few waves but nothing like lake Michigan thats for sure. I stopped a few times to imagine the crowds on the terrace. It was so cool and to do it for real it would really take your breath away. Something like this....

Powertap Seminar "Training with Power"

Well I didn't win the Powertap but I came close :) They also gave a way a sweet fluid trainer won by the girl right behind me. I got to speak with the head engineer and Chief Tech for the Powertap from Cyclops Allen Lim. Man this guy is smart. His insite on the product and the information that can be derived from it was amazing. He was able to give all this technical in a way people without a phd could understand. The biggest thing I came away with was something that my wife has told me before. More miles and oh yea drop 10 pounds :) The increase of power will out weigh any muscle loss that occurs with the weight loss. So new target weight of 185 for the lean raqcing weight here I come!

Also at this seminar sponsored by wasPro triathlete Heather Haviland and Jamie Cleveland they gave a lot of insite on how power cycling can transfer to triathlon training. Heck, one might have to be my coach soon :)

Also in attendance was the rep from BMC. He was there to showcase the BMC TT02 tri bike. The picture on the raceathlete site does not do it justice. That bike is a sweet ride and they are giving 8 of them away! Oh wait I do not qualify :( It is only open to participants in IMMOO '07. I sure they do the same promotion in '08 when I am in!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I gave it away today and how it started

The PowerTap went back to the Trek factory store today. It was like giving a kid away. A few of my friends who had the Powertap told me that if I try it I will really want it for my own. Boy were they right!

This entire journey started with a call to the Trek Factory Store East to see if they had one to try for a day. They did!!! and I could use for a week or so and just give them feedback on it. They stated to me that nobody realy knows that they let people demo stuff like this for a small fee so spread the word. I plan on trying out one of the new TTX 9 tri bikes in the spring.

This store has been so helpful to me in the past 9 months. One of the first times I went there was before my first race of the year and I was having some bearings in the HED rim and they offered up a new pair of Bontrager Race Lites to use for just the hell of it. How cool is that? They were trustng me with a brand new set of rims after having just walked in the store. Yes, I am a bit biased towards Trek since the factory is practicly in my backyard which has its perks :) I will continue to support my LBS (Trek east) for as long as they are in business which I hope is ....forever!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Powertap records

As promised the results of the past 3 rides are now posted fromt he Powertap. You will need Power Agent 5.0 to view. Microsoft Excel might work but it will appear messy. Files are in a .csv format. Feel free to give comments on the data.


State Street

Check this out, some dude had a whole band on his back. This is just a sample of what one will find on the journey down state street during the run. I will be posting more throughout the week.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Redemption on the bike and comments on Powertap.

Thursday and saturday I took the bike out for a 20 mile TT. Thursday afternoon went pretty good. I did it in 1:13 hitting a peak of 976 watts with average watts at 157, avergae HR at 139 total work of 651 kj.

Saturday in comparison was a bit better. Same 20 mile TT but 7am. No calories, starting with nothing. A bit col outside so I tokk the jacket along just for the beginning, I would say it was something around 55F. I did the same loop in 1:08 hitting a peak of 1070 watts. I accomplished hitting over 1000 watts before I stop using the Powertap untill possibly next year. Average were up a bit too, they were 166 with an average hr of 142 up a bit from thursday. Total work was 653 kj.

Impessions of the Powertap so far. It is an invaluable tool. The kind of info is just crazy. I can really now analyze the graphs and determine what needs to change in my riding style. While the Powertap is pricey, it might find it's way onto my bike on a more long-term situation. I will have to figure that one out one of these days over the winter. Overall I woul dsay if you have the ability to use or purchase one of these it is well worth it.