Sunday, August 26, 2007

Back in the game

Well yesterdy I took the TTX with the Zipp disc out for a ride. Now keep in mind I haven't ridden the TTX since the terrible half Ironman in late July. I figured that I would do just a quick lap around the lake but that took a turn. I went around both lakes! It was a total of 32 miles (not planned) in one hour and 30 minutes. I felt great till the last four or five miles. After not riding for a while I just got tired and couldn't keep the pace. There was a stretch of fresh blacktop that was just wonderful! Smooth and fast! The disc performed well and I feel I might be back!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Well she was right....

With the loss of an old friend, results in the addition of 2 new friends and an improvement on the other existing friend.

The first new friend is a '06 Fuel 90 aluminum frame with carbon rear suspension that was given to ME by a friend at work. WE put it together with last years and the years before that parts. It is outfitted with Sram X-0 shifting and Hayes 9 hydraulic brakes. I did have to buy the wheel set. It was a test set from the engineering dept for $40!!!

The second is a Trek Madone from the first year they made the Madone. This bike is outfitted with full Dura Ace components compliments of the sale of the "old friend." I am using the wheels that came off my TTX for this so right there that is money saved. I built this bike from the frame up which I have never done before. I now consider myself a bit of a wrench. I know I can do it and it didn't fall apart after a test ride! I do however need to get a longer brake cable housing, I think I cut it a bit short. Can anybody tell me why this bike is not like a normal Madone?

Lastly here is the TTX outfitted with some new race wheels (demos, don't worry). It is a brand new set of Zipp 999's. The rear is a clincher disc and not a tubular. It is a slight bit heavier but I know I can change this out without a problem and not be stranded. I haven't had a chance to ride them yet as we have basically been planning on building an arc with 14 inches of rain so far this month. It is totally killing me!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A lost friend :(

Well on sunday I lost one of my good frieds of 7 years. Over the years we spent a lot of time together. If you ask my wife she would say that I spent more time with the friend than her but she really knows better. The friend is gone but not forgotten. Good bye old friend.....

Friday, August 17, 2007

Well sports fans, the plan has changed :(

My goal from years back was to do the Ironman Wisconsin race in '08. It has been the dream since first seeing the race in Madison years ago. After a few "discussions" with wife and family, I have decided to do push it off till '09. This will give me the opportunity to train at work a bit more and really focus on nutrition while on the bike. This has been a major problem for the past few years at the half distance. While this is a hard decision, it is the smart one. I have done every distance up to a half so far with basicly reserves and not fueling during the race. this will change. The plan, more longer rides with eating on the bike to get used to it more.

Next years race scheduls looks to have possible 2 more half IM's added in a better, more vacation location. Where that is, I have no idea yet. I want flat to rolling hills with an easy run. The swim I am not really worried about. Inland lake would be good as I do not care for ocean swimming and high waves. Any suggestions?

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Work today...

Today I left work for a while to get in a ride. The Trek demo trucks were in full force. I took 3 rides. The first ride was on a Trek Fuel EX 9.5 full carbon. This bike is light! I could throw it all over hte place. the only problem with the light weight was traction. I was slipping all over the place. New tires and higher gearing would fix that. All in all a smooth great ride!

A 4 mile mountain bike ride was harder than the last half IM road ride I did. You sure feel it going up the hills and navigating.

The second ride was a LeMond Tet de Course. All I can say is WOW! The Aeolus wheels sure helped glide me along the ride. In comparison to the Madone, the LeMond won only because of the components. The LeMond had the SRAM Force kit and the Aeolus wheels while the Madone had Bontrager Race Lites with Ultegra. I think I am a SRAM man now. It was effortless in shifting, clean looking with one less cable (no top brake cable coming out of the hood) and light as can be. Now to just get the TTX outfitted with th eSRAM Red kit but that is for another time and place.

Last ride was on a Gary Fisher Superfly. It was a hardtail and not a full suspension but the lightweight carbon really made it feel like I wasn't even hitting the bumps very hard at all.

Now if I had my choice to buy any of these it would have to be the Fuel EX. The technology is so advanced and the ride was great that how could one not? I recomend trying out this bike if you can. It is great cross trainignfor tri. Like I said, a 56 mile TT is easier than some of the single track we were riding today! Ride on!!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

The bike show '08

This is my job (if you can call it that). I have been working on all these bikes pictured. The first being the pride and joy the 08 Madone 6.9 Pro. This was my project since January. Enjoy the pics as more will follow this week!

Madone 6.9 Pro


TTX 9.9 no longer in Yellow.

TTX 9.0 in Carerra Blue for the entry level carbon model.

More this coming week from the show :)
The test rides will be on Tuesday.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

My new view at work

For the next 10 days I will be reporting here.....

This is my first bike show. The entire Trek line will be shown. Pretty exciting knowing i am supposed to be there instead of crashing, sneaking in like the first year it was at the "Monona Terrace". There are a lot of dealers from around the world coming to check things out. I will hopefully get pictures next week.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

What did you see at work today?

I walked in today and I couldn't believe my eyes. Just on the other side of the wall was this...

wait for it

Do you know what this is? How about this one?

wait again, almost there.......

Well let me tell you. This is the actually bike the won the Tour de France this year. Life is good some days knowing that I get paid to do this stuff! Next week I will get a few pictures of the new bikes that I did :)