Sunday, April 29, 2007

Don't predict race times!!

Well I all but jinxed myself predicting my race times. I am going to try to never do that again!
I did the Whitewater Earlybird sprint tri this year. I did this in years past and it has never been the same course. So much for comparing race times. In a previous post I predicted my times they were:

swim 500 yards - 9:00
bike 13.5 miles - new bike 45:00 minutes
run 3.1 miles - 25:30 minutes

Well this is what actualy happened:

swim 500 yards 10:28
bike 15 miles 47:14
run 3.5 39:48

15/22 age group

The swim. I was in the only lane with 4 people. I started last. Everything felt good up to the second lap (fourth length). I ended up passing the other 3 people in the lane and then I forgot to breathe the first 4 lengths and kinda blew up. I lapped 2 people by the end and still pulled off a 10:28 swim, roughly 1:28 off the estimate, but nobody wins it in the swim.

The bike I thought went well. It was windy and never a tailwind. I had a 17.9 mile per hour average which i was a bit dissapointed since it was so close to the 18mph average. I did notice that the new bike needs to be adjusted. the time lost could have been made up if I would have stayed in the aero position. I have to move the aerobars apart a bit to relieve the pressure on the shoulder. But hey these are the first miles on this bike with NO fitting. I really think that one can purchase speed and this ride proves it.

Teh run sucked. Extremely hilly and the knee was just on fire. I ended up walking most of it which is simply unacceptabe. The strategy of less running is hurting now but hopefully in a few weeks after I start runnung again it will pay off in July with pain free running.

The things I have learned at this fun race. Sprints are not for me. A half Iron is much easier and more fun. Not to forget to mention a better bang for your buck! I am just not fast and probably never will be. I need to do some speed work in all 3 discplines. I already had the plan of pounding the bike miles and this proves my point. Starting monday at work the road miles will start. Goal to hit 100 miles a week, we will see what happens. I also came away with the same feeling before this race as I do the longer ones. The anticipation just wrenches the guts but when it all goes away. Let the fun begin!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

It is about time

Well it is about time. The project that started a few months ago is finally done. What a conicidence? It got done a day before my first sprint race :) But not without a few bumps in the road....

I ended up getting the frame back from Project One paint department at Trek Bikes. The build up of the frame is where it started to go south. I left work friday afternoon with my frame and all the parts going into the build department (thanks Greg!) HE would try to get it done that night or saturday morning. Well I got the call at 8:30 friday night so off the 7 Y/O Libby and I went. I thought it was just going to be a pick up and go, that s what I get for thinking that! Well we got there and I realized that I didn't have a pass key to even get into the building. Security after hours is pretty tight. Libby and I went walking around the outside of the building and calling at the same time to find somebody to let us in. When we finally got in, there was the first problem. The rear deraileur cable was too short and we didn't happen to have a tandem length cable anywhere. So no rear deraileur and no bar wrapping. So right around 10pm we got the prelim fit done and off I we went.

Next morning after Libby soccer game I was gone to the Trek factory store. They were really busy but Kevin the service manager really stepped up and got the job done. They even did a bit of adjusting and tweaking and even installed a bike computer I had in the bag of stuff I brought in and didn't even ask them to do.

So the long and the short of it, the 200X Equinox 9.9 Project One is done. This bike is sub 20lbs even with the water bottle full. I can't wait to race it in Whitewater on sunday. I hope I can push it as fast as it looks. There is more carbon on this bike than I could ever imagine! Really the only non carbon parts are the deraileurs, chainring and the chain.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Commit me!

Well this is the day I start training for this season. I know I have said this before but this time there is a reason. For the past few years I have done the Crazylegs Classic in downtown Madison with a few thousand fellow Badger fans but after last years running disaster I am changing strategys. I am going to limit the running untill the half actually gets closer. Last year I had major ITB trouble from running/peaking too early. I will start serious running for the half IM at the end of May. For the immediate, pound the bike miles ad swim like a fish. This is what bring me full circle to my point. I emailed back the race director for the J-Hawks earlybird sprint tri to reserve my spot. Up to this point I really haven't seriously trained at all. I ran a few times, biked a few more but I have swam a lot. So why not see how much fitness I lost from last season?

I estimated my 500 yard swim at 9 minutes. I figured it slower, then that is better for me fro confidence. I would rather lap people in the pool swim than be lapped! The one hang up I have is the bike issue. While I have put on more miles this winter and spring than I have in the past few years it will all change. I was told my new TTX will be out of the paint department on Wednesday and hopefully assembled by friday. So going into the race on sunday I will have one ride on the new bike. What a way to break it in! I could use the old ride but why? it is still a great bike but just the feel of riding carbon on the race course just makes me want to hit it extra hard.

While finshing a sprint is no trouble, I do want to have a good showing. I figure I will be able to beat my times from the past years the way things are now in my training. This was the first tri I ever did many years ago. I will have my brother and his wife to be there also doing this so it will be a fun time. I can always try to chase him down, ya know my rabbit to keep up with on teh course.

I am going to jinx myself here and make a race prediction. Here goes:
swim 500 yards - 9:00
bike 16 miles - new bike 45:00 minutes / old bike 49 minutes
run 3.1 miles - 25:30 minutes

I will post pics and results (no matter how painfull) next monday. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

news and updates....

Well today I got word that the TTX is in the base coat of the Project one paint. By the end of next week the frame and fork will be done. I am missing two parts to complete the build too. The carbon bullhorn and aerobars are still at least a week out.

Training decision. I think I will be skipping the Mad City Marathon this year. It pains to me to make this decision but last year fighting off the injury bug just did me in for my major focus of the Spirit of Racine Half IM. I feel I peaked a bit too early for the HIM in july. The focus will switch to pounding the bike miles instead. After the TTX is done, I will be riding while I am at work and possibly to and from work. I will slowly build in the running miles over the summer to peak at the end of July to hopefully eliminate the triips to the ortho to get the dreaded cortisone shot in the side of the knee.

Ultimate goal here:beat JWM! Even though he is not doing Racine this year, his time beating me last year is still hanging over my head. I have to beat it! JWM let the trash talking beging now :)

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Box of what?

Well today I have received the majority of my Project One build. The frame of the TTX is in it's second stage of paint and the box-o-carbon parts has shown up. The parts list are as follows:
1 Bontrager Race X-Lite Carbon Compact cranks 50x36
1 Bontrager Race XXX-Lite Carbon stem
1 set Bontrager Race XXX-Lite Aero brake levers
1 Bontrager Race XXX-Lite Carbon cage
1 set Dura Ace bar end shifters 10 speed
1 Dura Ace chain
1 Ultegra front brake
1 Ultegra rear brake
1 Ultegra front Derailleur
1 Ultegra rear Derailleur
2 Sram 11x23 10 speed cassettes
1 Blue Bontrager Cork bar tape
1 pair Bontrager Race X-Lite Aero Rims
4 Bontrager Race TT tires
1 Cane Creek IS headset

I am missing a basebar and aerobars which should be here next week. For that I am also going with the Bontrager separate Carbon bulhorn and Carbon aerobars for their superior adjustabillity. I had originally ordered a one piece basebar/aerobar Bontrager Race XXX lite but went for the cheaper and more flexible option. I also went with the Ultegra components to save a bit of money to get some of the extras like the second cassette for the Hed 3 rims and new tires. I am not a weight weenie so spending the extra $$$ on grams lighter Dura Ace components didn't make sense. I could shave more weight not stuffing that last Calzone down my throat tonight for dinner or going out and run a bit more. I will post pics when the build is complete. I am so excited!