Sunday, February 24, 2008

Over the past month

I have had a fairly decent base building go. I have just under 16K of swimming, 43 miles on the bike, and only 8.5 running. The swimming has progressed the best. Every three weeks I have been doing an endurance set. That consisted of multiple sets of 100 yards on 1:30. While 1:30 is incredibly fast, I was using jet propulsion aka flippers. But adding it up I needed the flippers to make the 1:30 pace on lap number fifty. My goal is to make the set of 100x100 on 1:30 with 30 seconds rest between by the beginning of May.

The biking is picking up after a few disastrous snow days. I was going to a cycling class on Wednesdays for a while now but over the past 4 weeks I have only made one. There has been so much snow that I cannot even get there to participate. I just pray for outdoor riding to comer soon!

Running is not a priority for me right now. I did a few runs at a slightly higher pace than a tempo run. It felt good even on all the ice I was running on. the path today was completely covered in ice that was over 6 inches thick! Boy will it be a mess when it all starts to melt! I will continue to do maintenance runs for another couple weeks. The next target run day is the Crazylegs Classic. It is a simple 8K in Madison that over 20000 people participate in. That is the official kick off of run training for me. I will be running at work at that point.