Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The dream is dissappearing

The dream of getting my beloved bright ass yellow Trek TTX is fading away. It looks like these bikes have really taken off in the tri world. They are back ordered for quite a while. Dealer will get the priority and even they are still waiting.

Not wanting me to ride a Cerveloin this years races, my advisor is trying to everything in his power to get me on the TTX. We had one alternative :) A shipment of Discovery Team Time Trial bikes from the '06 TDF came in and they had 2 in the large or 58cm size. Well after awaiting word over the weekend I got the answer.

Not gonna happen :(

With the shortage of the TTX OCLV carbon frames, even these used frames are selling at a premium. I can't believe it! I was offered an Equinox 7, but that is basically the same as the Cervelo P2K I am racing now. It might end up being another Equinox 11 aluminum frame untill next year after there are more TTX's available.

Well at least it is good to have a product that is well received and in demand. Wait till you see whats coming out in '08!

The Nike ipod running sensor thing

I just love mine! I have been using it for a few months now. It really gives a great visual feedback to analyze the runs afterwards. During the run it is great too. At anytime during the run you can press the center button and it will give you time/distance/pace.

I have been noticing that looking back at the results from the last 20 or so runs that my mid day runs I get the most out of. I have been consistently running in the 8:15-8:40 per mile pace for a 5K on the old dreadmill. Now doing the same 5k in the early morning at say 5:30 am my times have been averaging in the low to mid 10:00 per mile pace. I am wearing the same shoes, same sensor and using the same legs. I couldn't believe the difference it makes.

Workload depending I am running 3 days a week (well started last week) at work. It is encouraged so I might as well join in :) If it helps my 5k time who can argue with that?

Perks of the job!

Well this is the new saddle I received this past week for helping the Bontrager guy. He stated that it is a Bontrager Race XXX Lite limited Edition that was used at the Tour De France Commemorative bike. Just your normal run of the mill $260 saddle. Man is it going to look sweet on the Trek Yellow 2200.

Another improvement I will be making on the ride this year is changing the decals on the Hed 3 rims to have matching colors to the bike "ala Norman Stadler's Kuota in Kona". I am really getting anxious to get out an ride. Seeing people at work go out for an hour in the middle of the day for a ride is just driving me nuts! In case you have been living under a rock lately, here in Wisconsin we just had a weekend storm that dumped a total of 18 inches of wet heavy snow. I am definitely not taking the road bike out there in that stuff!

I will be testing out a lot of new stuf in the coming weeks so stay tuned. The first might be some new tires that are coming out from Bontrager. They are for Aero rims and are very impressive!



Why are we forced to do some things?

It seems like we are being forced into switching to the "new blogger." Well I was perfectly happy with the old blogger. If it ain't broke don't fix it! After being in Information Technology for a while I learned to let other install and use the new stuff and work the bugs out and then it was worth my time to to do the install or use the new stuff. I really want to know what the difference from a user standpoint I am going to see with this new "upgrade." If it is just a behind the scenes upgrade for the blogger people tell us. Don't sugar coat it and say it is the new and improved blogger that nobody will realize any difference. It is like going Windows 98 to Windows Millennium. Why???!!!???!!!

Hit the switch, rant over!


Friday, February 02, 2007

Forced time off....

I have all the opportunity in the world to work out now. I am encouraged to workout during my workday as 99% of the place does (benefits of working at a fitness company) but guess what? I got bit by the injury bug! I was running in the snow last Sunday and slipped on the ice. I didn't completely fall down or anything like that. I tweaked my back while falling. I have been walking around like an 80 year old man. I have been to the chiro a few times and it is getting better but I am just not ready to start putting stress on it again. I even skipped swimming this week!

The weather has a bit to do with some time off (which is helping me in a weird way). Today I was driving home from the grocery store and looked at the temperature gauge. It was 1 degree F. That is damn cold. Thursday it was almost summerlike at 20 with the temperature that was coming our way for the weekend. It is supposed to be highs in the low single digits.

In the short time I will be doing a lot of stretching. I am starting core exercises tonight (lightly) so I do not aggravate the lower back, but just to stretch it out even further.